The Truth About Ephemeral. The Truth About Us.

Poetry and sketch by Reii Credi, cover ilustration inspo by unknown artist

There is no way to stop such a fire
I  thought I knew what this felt like
but I didn´t.
It´s like being permanently drunk
on alcohol´s nice twin.
One that gives you the best type of buzz
with such pleasure it scares
the hell outta you.

How can I explain this?
It´s like jumping off a cliff 
with beautiful deep blue water.
It´s like going into the depths of the ocean, 
watching deadly creatures
but somehow feeling safe. 
It´s like letting all the instinct out,
trusting it not to fail you
but feeling endless adrenaline with the possibility.

It feels so much like changing dimensions
seeing the same but absolutely and totally different.
It´s transforming, with the fear
and apprehension,
but also with the fearlessness
and excitement of letting yourself fall and be caught.
It feels like you are on a very exciting limbo
between heaven and hell
with your eyes closed;

leaving your fate to an
uncontrollable force.
It’s giving all possible power.
It’s scary but oh so sweet.

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