Please be naked

Poem by Gabriela García Landa, Art by Anita Inispi

February 03, 2017 
Some thoughts I’ve lately had about nakedness… 

Please let me see you naked. 
Let me see you strip your soul. 

Let me see you feel like a fool, 
right before I take my clothes off too. 

Please be naked, 
let me see your weak spots, 
and all the soft places. 

Tell me stories while your naked. 
Tell me about your scars, 
and how you got them. 

Tell me you were all crooked as a kid. 
I was crooked too, you know… 
Perhaps I still am.

And I also have scars, 
So many, lovely scars.
I could never bore you. 
Not while I’m naked.  

Let me touch you when we are silent, 
and in silence show me where it hurts, 
then playfully point where it tickles.
I promise to be careful, not to hurt you,
I’m sorry I take advantage of your tickles.

Please be naked,
 let me see your naked eyes
looking at me, so seriously, 
carefully studying my wholeness.  

Let me hear your laughter, enhanced,
 following my own.
you see, I tend to giggle when I’m nervous.

Be naked 
For that’s what I’m falling for. 

Be nothing more than a body, 
happily bearing a soul.
Be simple, but complex stories, 
Be truth, however it comes.

Be raw, always be human. 

Let’s be naked together.
Learn from each other’s wilderness, 
Let’s find an adventure
out of each muscle, 

Let’s find breath-take
out of each bone, 
Let’s adore each other, 
each freckle that is hidden, 
every inch that is usually covered up. 

I will let you see my constellations, 
tell you about the few tattoos I chose
I will lay still while you touch my insecurities…
And without shyness admit I’m insecure.
Just be kind, for it can be tough to be so naked. 

Be tender, and be naked. 
Be flesh, and sweat, and dreams. 
Be bursting emotion, and be tranquility. 
Be still with me while we are naked. 
Be awake, every second we are awake, 
Until we slowly fall asleep, and in our sleep… 
Continue to be naked. 


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