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Written by Gabriela García Landa, Photography by Eloisa García Guerrero

Would you rather be a river, or would you rather be a rock? You can choose the kind of rock. You can create any type of river. You can be a pebble or a monolith, a shy hidden brook or the Amazon. I’ve always been river like, often looking up to mountain types. I have a hard time going steady. I’m constantly moving, always changing, always singing. Adapting to the wind, to the weather. 

 I’m searching for places. Traveling restless. 

I’m a surprise. 

I can be ferocious, destructive. Almost too strong. But I can also be gracious, like a ballerina. I can be nourishing. The kindest, most soothing. Refreshing. Rhythmic. Mesmerizing. And sometimes, if the climate is nice I can even be calm, which is fair, but not for long. After a while, immobility can be deathly for us rivers. I need breeze, I need flow. I loose myself if I’m not wandering. 

And I often wonder how mountains get by. I admire them truly. I emerge from the altitude, and I know I was a mountain once, a high one, perhaps in another life. I dream recurrently about being close to the sun in the past. I know I once was more dependable, transparent, more on the eye of the sky, less in the depths of the ground. Long ago I wasn’t one with the moon, I was less mysterious, less scary, less wavering. I was not always as chaotic. 

I don’t mind it. I like owning a sense of darkness, a free essence, a magic quality in my spontaneity. I adore being destined for the sea, all the way from the mountains. I like being the movement in a ecosystem of eternal. And most of all, I love the message I send: Go with change, find your voice, everything else can transform, and us rivers, we move mountains. 

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