Would you rather be a river, or would you rather be a rock? You can choose the kind of rock. You can create any type of river. You can be a pebble or a monolith, a shy hidden brook or the Amazon. I’ve always been river like, often looking up to mountain types. I have a hard time going steady. I’m constantly moving, always changing, always singing. Adapting to the wind, to the weather.

Soy Montaña

Soy montaña, soy silencio, visión de águila, rocas pequeñas y gigantes de granito, viento helado que cala hasta los huesos, que alborota el pelo y retumba en los oídos. Soy libertad. Soy luz a todas horas, ganas de llorar, realización y duda, miedo, neblina, sorpresas, canciones.

Severe Self

We get lost in seriousness. But, honestly, who on earth told us we had to take our selves so severely? Our nature is so colorful, and yet we’ve turned so terrifyingly grey. We’ve accepted a life of dullness, of sadness, we’ve forgotten our fantasies… or tried to. They always come back at night.